About Static Sky

Cyberpunk tactical action for iOS

When a megacorp has a dirty job and lacks the firepower to get it done, they call on operators: freelance puppet masters who pull the strings of their agents for the highest bidder. As an operator, you'll use your tactical skills and lightning-fast reflexes to keep your cybernetically augmented agents alive and ready to fight another day for another client.

Fast Facts

Name: Static Sky
Developer: framebunker
Platform: iOS
Price: Premium
Release: TBA


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Gameplay and Features

...because otherwise it is just a tech demo.

  • Customize Your Team

    Your team of heavy weapon specialists, agile street samurais, and dual-wielding agents can be enhanced with cybernetic implants and high-tech weaponry and leveled-up with mod chips that unlock unique skills.

  • Hack The World

    Order your agents to patch you in to networked systems. Once inside, you’ll re-wire the data connections to subvert enemy defenses, access new mission areas, or just cause chaos. When everything is connected, anything is vulnerable.

  • Realtime Tactics

    Plan a stealthy approach or put your heavy into overwatch so that your street samurai can move in to finish off the suppressed enemies. But whatever your strategy, be prepared to act fast and improvise — in Static Sky, combat plays out in realtime.

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Framebunker was founded under the belief that any game worth making is worth making unforgettable. We're located in Copenhagen, Denmark, where it is nearly always dark and rainy.

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